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**When I was in pre-school, my favorite part of the day was naptime. Not because I wanted to sleep–too damn hyperactive for that. But because we would listen to the radio. You see, music was everything to me even at the age of five. On rare occasions, the teacher would put the oldies station on, and if I was very, very lucky, Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ would come on. She would walk across the room, nudge me gently, and let me sit up and listen to the song play through… ‘sweet Caroline *dun dun dun* good times never seemed so good’. And it’s true, they didn’t.**

I am an opera singer living in Paris and the close suburbs since 2006. I was born in Kentucky, but I grew up on a small island in mid-coast Maine. I have studied at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, & the Conservatoire Maurice Ravel, and am currently finishing a degree in Arts Administration at the University of Massachusetts. When I’m not working towards my career, I enjoy hanging out in the Bois de Vincennes with my Australian Shepherd, traveling to new destinations, drinking awesome wine, running (rather slowly), listening to music other than opera (ok, who am I kidding, I mostly listen to opera), cooking, killing plants in my garden, and taking off to random places in France in my red Renault Clio.

As to my life here in France, I hate to disappoint you, but I don’t get invited to restaurant openings, or celebrity gatherings. I don’t enjoy active social networking, or self-promotion. The last time I saw the Eiffel Tower was by accident, and my charming French man does not currently exist. I forget words in English on a regular basis, but my French is neither accent-less nor particularly grammatically correct (I am, however, fluent in suburban slang). I refuse to use a thesaurus in order to write any of my blogposts, and I will never, ever, recommend anything on this blog that I have not tried, or personally approved of. I do not live my life in search of the next blog post. In fact, I write this blog for my own personal gratification, and I have never received compensation for anything written here. Not so much as a free aperitif at the end of the meal–this is kind of sad for me, but you can be assured that everything I have to say is genuine, and has been written about because I seriously just want to write about it.

Cheers !


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