French opera excursion

Yes, it’s true. When I’m not frolicking around Paris taking pictures of tasty pastries, or quaint pedestrian passage ways, I can be found at home ‘working’. It’s hard to call singing work, as it is something that brings me a great amount of pleasure–but alas, it is what I work on. It is also the primary reason I am here in France.

This is why I’d like to make a more conscience effort to share with you, dear readers, what I’ve been working on–specifically from the French repertoire.

The last few days, I’ve been torturing myself a bit with this beast of an aria:

Pleurez, mes yeux!

From Massenet’s El Cid, there’s no one who sang it (for me) quite like the late Dame Joan Sutherland. For those wanting to know a bit more about the opera, you can find the wikipedia entry here.

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