can I really have it all?

G. Detou, pronounced “J’ai de tout” could playfully be translated as “I have everything”. It does not, however, have everything. Though if you are an expat baker in Paris, this very well may be your equivalent to mecca. First of all, they have many hard to find items, including dried cranberries, crystallized violets, and chocolate chips. Secondly, they sell ingredients in large quantities. What is that ? You don’t mind paying 4 euros for a bag of pecans, only to discover there are about 6 pecans in that bag ? Well at G. Detou you can buy pecans by the kilo. For just over 10 euros a kilo, I have enough pecans to feed derby pie to dozens of guests this spring (if I choose to throw a derby party this year. I am soliciting a reaction here).  So the moral is, if you want to bake an amazing extravagant concoction, you will find everything you need here. Feel free to ask if you are desperate for any other hard-to-find ingredients. I may just be feeling generous and help you out … just maybe…

G. Detou
58 Rue Tiquetonne Paris 75002
Monday-Saturday 8h30-18h30

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