London third and final: Borough Market

Last June during my yearly pilgrimage to London, I got lost in a neighborhood near London Bridge trying to meet up with a friend for a drink. Little did I know, had I just wandered one street over, I would have stumbled upon the fabulous Borough Market. Anyway, I know where it is now and will not miss it again. We started the jaunt off waiting inline for a much praised BBQ chorizo sandwich:

Getting closer:

We can see the little chorizos waiting for us:

And finally, the sandwich, which was sublime. The spice of the chorizo, the tang of a marinated pepper, the freshness of the roquette, and the crunch of the bread. Just perfect:

Then we were pulled in by the intoxicating odors of a curry stand:. This is a seafood thai green curry:

Our host opted for a french specialty, raclette, which can also be consumed in sandwich form at this particular market stall:

Beautiful rhubarb:

Will have to make it back to try the Ostrich sausage:

Eating street food under the gaze of Southwark Cathedral:

And our last foodie stop to stock up on cheddar at Neal’s Yard Dairy. I tasted a couple different varieties and ended up with a small wedge of Westcombe cheddar, and a significantly larger wedge of the sharper Keens cheddar. The service was terribly friendly, and I’m pretty sure they would have let us hang around tasting cheese all afternoon if we had tried :


The trip was refreshing–just what I needed, which was simply a reminder as to why I make this yearly voyage. Speaking in English to shopkeepers, trying new foods that are hard to find in France, seeing old friends–what more could you ask for in a jaunt across the channel ? I’ve been trying to understand why I love this city so much, and I think it’s because it strikes an odd balance between the European culture that I live in, and the anglophone culture I come from. Which is to say, despite never having lived there, it feels strangely like home. I do not, however, think I will have to wait long to return this time around, as both André and my mother seem to be aching with jealousy, so the things I missed this trip aren’t so far away after all.

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