London I: Chinatown !

Day I in London–arrived just before dinnertime– how convenient ! We caught a train direct to chinatown and evaluated our options. After peering in every window of the main drags, we decided on:

I had heard through the blogosphere that this particular restaurant had the best soup dumplings in chinatown. Having only had soup dumplings once, and knowing my trip buddy had never tried them, this made the decision much easier:

We tried the spicy eggplant with smashed garlic.  To our delight, it was genuinely spicy:

and the sweet & sour pork ribs, which were tasty, but I wasn’t so wild about the texture:

In all, I would say the food is tasty, but nothing extraordinary. I would however go there just to have a mountain of soup dumplings, as they were terribly satisfying. Dinner for 2 was less than 20 pounds:

Of course we couldn’t resist when we were wandering down the street and picked up the odor of baked cinnamon wafting through the square:


Trafalgar square on the way to the tube:

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